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2 Ways To Enjoy Your Down Bed or Featherbed.

You searched for more luxury in bed and now you are the proud owner of a  down bed or featherbed.  You can’t wait to get it home and spend your first night sinking into the sublime softness of a down bed or the slightly firmer 50/50 down/feather featherbed.  You put it into its cover to protect it, and slip it under the fitted sheet.  Ahhh!  Pure heaven.  But wait, there is  another way to get more ahhhh out of this experience.  Take your down bed or featherbed (in its cover of course),  and place it on top of your fitted sheet.  Now take another fitted sheet and wrap it  over your down bed or featherbed.  It may not look perfectly tidy (but you are the only one to see that), but the down bed is now less fettered and is puffier and feels so much better.  In addition,  fluffing it up (remember down loves air) is so much easier.

So if you have owned a down bed or featherbed for some time, using it under your fitted sheet, give this other method a try.  We promise you will feel the difference.

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Renovating Down Bedding For A Lifetime of Beauty & Comfort.

A high quality down comforter will last for decades with proper care and attention.  Comforters should be cleaned every 5 years and renovated every 7 – 10 years.  Pillows should be renovated every  4 or 5 years (possibly sooner due to hair oil),  and featherbeds renovated every 7 – 10 years.  Renovation means cleaning the filling and putting into a new casing.  Washing and dry-cleaning down is not recommended as it can rob the down of its natural oils, leaving the filling flat and clumpy.  The down proof (leak proof) qualities of the outer casing will also be weakened, allowing filling to escape.  The European method of ultra violet light to clean will protect the down while removing dust, sanitizing and re-fluffing.

During the long life of your heirloom down bedding, you may wish to change to a different or more generous size, or add some filling to boost up the old filling, since some small reduction does happen over time and  when it is renovated.

Recycling is a smart idea and eco friendly. Buying quality the first time ensures you will not be constantly replacing. Proper care ensures a lifetime of comfort and beauty while preserving any sentimental attachment.  We clean and renovate all down bedding regardless of size or filling.

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A Down Bed or Featherbed, The Answer To a Too Firm Mattress.

downbedmedWhen you buy a new mattress it feels great in the store, but after you get it home, a few nights later, you find it is really too firm and uncomfortable.  A down bed can really alleviate the discomfort without diminishing any support. For the ultimate in luxury, choose an all down bed with a high lofting white goose down filling stitched in a baffle box design with at least a 4″ gusset.  This will provide a soft cushioning and make your mattress more friendly.  For a firmer mattress topper choose a featherbed blend of 50/50 down and feather with a 4″ gusset.   The down bed will be softer and puffier, the featherbed will still be cushioning but a little firmer.  The down bed or featherbed can be used year round as the down will wick away moisture keeping you comfortable.  If you are not ready to buy a new mattress a down bed or featherbed can improve the one you have delivering a better sleep experience. You can get the down bed or featherbed in many thicknesses from 2.5″, the most common being 4″.  The higher the depth, the more cushiony and luxurious it will be.  We recommend the use of a featherbed cover, especially the gusseted covers with zippers on 3 sides,  to prevent unnecessary cleaning. With proper care (cleaning and recovering every 7 – 10 years), you will enjoy a down bed or featherbed for many years.

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Eiderdown The Connoisseur’s Choice, When Only The Best Will Do.

This equisite, rare  down is in a class by itself.  It is gossamer light (even lighter than the very best high lofting goose down), it has unique thermal properties that keep you warm out in the high arctic, or more relevant, in a bedroom without heat. The unique structure of the down cluster allows extra heat and moisture to escape better than any goose down, keeping the sleeper comfortable. Why is it so rare? Goose down is a bi- product from the meat industry so there are tons available in the world each year.  The Eider duck is wild  and  lives out on the ocean off Iceland, Canada, Norway, Russia,  coming into land to nest. The down from the under belly lines the nest and when the Eider duck and babies return to the ocean, the Eiderdown is hand gathered, washed, machine sorted and then hand picked for any tiny feather.  This is a labor intensive method of ensuring only down remains. It takes about 60 nests of down to make a queen size comforter!  It is in short supply due to basic demand. If what you want is the softest, warmest, lightest cover at  night, Eiderdown is incomparable.  Keep in mind you will have it for life with proper care, which involves cleaning every 5 years and renovating every 10.  This ensures you will keep your precious heirloom Eiderdown beautiful and luxurious for life. Eiderdown is not inexpensive being so rare and with the high demand, but if you can afford it, you will prize this heirloom comforter, pillow or mattress topper.

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A High Quality Down Comforter Saves Energy

Despite the groundhog not seeing his shadow, it is still very cold in the northeast.  January has seen frigid temperatures and February came in like a lion with a huge storm on Friday. Of course it is nice if you can hunker down (especially with someone special), and wait out the storm, alas not the whole winter. The cold weather can be uncomfortable, especially in the pocketbook.  There are many energy saving tips, but one that is often overlooked is the power of a high quality down comforter.  You can actually turn down your thermostat several degrees (which is healthier for you anyway) and be absolutely toasty warm.  If you have an automatic thermostat it can be set for when you get up, if not then the cool room will be a refreshing wake up.  The most important thing is you will never be cold in bed and so get the rejuvenating sleep necessary to get the most out of every day.

It is important to choose a high quality down comforter as the down clusters (which come from colder climates), are large and trap more body heat which is how it keeps you so warm.   Other advantages of choosing an heirloom  quality are you can use them year round and more importantly they last for decades with proper care.

So now you are totally cozy in bed,  when you get up wear a sweater and turn down your thermostat.  It is good for your pockedbook and the environment with only a reduction of 2 degrees. 

Fun fact.  In Canada they celebrate International Sweater Day to spread awareness of saving energy to help the environment.

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A High Quality Down Comforter Delivers a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping  you will try anything for what seems so elusive, a good night’s sleep.  Regardless of the reason you are tossing and turning there is no shortage of material to read for tips and tricks on how to solve the problem. One of the simplest solutions is to examine your bedding. Wool blankets can be heavy and they do not hug the body like down so you end up with a tent like effect  allowing cool air to get in.  Polyester  will not be warm enough without plenty of heat in the bedroom, and definitely too hot in summer.  You may prefer to sleep in a cool room, which is definitely very healthy, but your bed covering may be inadequate to  handle this.  If you are cold in bed, you will definitely be waking up.

Nature’s perfect insulator is down, but high quality downs do the job  best.  What constitutes a high quality down is whether it is Eiderdown (a very rare down) or white goose down and  the region it is from.  Eiderdown comes from Iceland and the Arctic north of Canada and  the best white goose down comes from Eastern Europe and Canada.  The maturity of the bird is important as  mature birds produce large down clusters which in turn trap more air (body heat) to keep you toasty warm without weight,  even with little or no heat in the bedroom.  This measurement is called fill power, how much space 1 oz. of fill takes up in a cylinder after being compressed.  Anything over 650 fill power is considered luxury down.  Cluster count also is important in determining the quality of the down.  This is how many whole clusters are in the fill as opposed to pieces of down called “fly” or very small feathers.  The breakdown in the best white goose down  is usually 90% whole clusters to 10% fly or small feathers.  Since there is no such thing as 100% down (separation of down and feather cannot be done to this degree), 90/10 is a very high quality down with a  fill power of 800+.

Heirloom quality downs can be used year round.  This is because insulation is derived from air, not the fabric so it wicks away excess moisture in warmer months keeping you cool. This is how down “breathes”.

An investment in a high quality down comforter will last a lifetime with proper care,  and will save on energy as you can turn your heat  down, if not completely off. More importantly you will never sleep as well with anything else, plus you can have fun changing the decor of your room by just changing the duvet cover  which protects as well as lets you express your sense of style for your bedroom.

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