Care & Attention For Your Down Bedding

Care and Attention for Your Luxury Down Comforter, Down Pillows, Down Topper and  Down/Featherbed.

Your luxury downstore down comforter, pillow, down topper or down/ featherbed will continue to look beautiful and give you many years of pure luxurious comfort and blissful sleep, with just a little care and attention.

How to Care for Your Down Comforter and Down Pillows.

We do not recommend washing or dry-cleaning down comforters and down pillows as the soaps and dry-cleaning chemicals are harmful to the down clusters and also breakdown the shell leaving it less downproof. We recommend you always keep your down comforter in a duvet cover, your down pillows in pillow protectors, air your down comforter and down pillows out occasionally, outside if it is possible on a nice sunny day. If not just hang over a couple of chairs near an open window. Fluff up your comforters and pillows frequently as down loves air to renew their loft. You can also put your pillow in a dryer for 15 mins on medium. We recommend doing this every few weeks. We recommend sending your down comforter to us for cleaning every 5 years, and complete renovation every 10 – 12 years. Down pillows need to be renovated every 3 to 5 years due to natural hair oils.  We use ultra violet light (nature’s way) to clean, sanitize and re-fluff. When it is time to renovate perhaps you would like to upgrade to a larger size comforter, topper or down/featherbed. We offer a choice of high thread count  tickings and high lofting downs with our Down Doctor Services.

How to Care for Your Down Topper or Down/Featherbed.

We recommend that you use at least one featherbed cover. Many of our customers prefer to use 2. We recommend renovation of your down topper or down/featherbed after 7 – 10 years. We clean the filling with ultra violet, add more new filling if desired and put it all into a new baffle channel shell. Remember to turn your down topper or down/featherbed over and shake it weekly to puff it back up. Down loves air.

Questions? Ask the expert Lisa Stevens

or call  800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550



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