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A Guide To Buying Down Bedding

Confused About Choosing The Right Down Comforter?
There are 4 important things to remember:

1. All down is not created equal. Down from mature geese that live in cold climates produce large down clusters that trap more body heat keeping you toasty warm as well as lofting up to produce a comforter that is puffy without weight. Fill-power is the measurement of a down cluster’s ability to loft up after compression. The higher the number, the more body heat is trapped. 650 fill-power and up is considered luxury quality. There is also cluster count to consider. This is the percentage of whole down clusters as opposed to pieces of broken down known as “fly”. We use only the highest lofting, top quality goose down like Canadian White Goose Down, ( considered to be the finest in the world), in 800 + fill power. We also carry superior European white goose downs 650 to 800+ fill power, plus we offer the very rare Eiderdown, the ultimate in warmth without weight and the best down in the world.

2. Down will eventually “leak” out of anything other than a cotton cambric downproof fabric. What makes the long staple Egyptian cotton fabric downproof is not just a high threadcount and special weave, but callendering. This is a natural process of compressing the fabric between giant steel rollers to fill in spaces invisible to the eye. The best cambric cotton downproof fabric comes from Germany or Switzerland. Many of the cambrics are made with a sateen finish. They are very soft,durable and breathable. Threadcounts over 300 are best and will remain downproof for 10-15 years. We carry downproof tickings in threadcounts 270 to 400. For Eiderdown the best ticking is Swiss Batiste the lightest of all downproof cambric cottons with the highest threadcount 400 threads, sateen finish and a silky soft touch, woven specifically for Eiderdown the softest down in the world. Many of our customers choose this exquisite downproof ticking for their white goose down comforters in our EiderClass Snowgoose 6.5

3. Comforters come in open stitch (Karo-Step and Ring Stitch, though these are mostly found in Europe as they are not popular in North America), where the filling can move, closed stitch (sew-thru box stitch, fixing the filling into one small box) , modified baffle box (the filling will move over time) and the Baffle Channel Tri-Wall construction, a channel stitch with a triangular baffle wall to minimize shifting, but allow for individual comfort by adjusting the filling up or down. We call this the “couple friendly” comforter. It is also especially appreciated in the warmer climates, or just in summertime or if one person is a very warm sleeper. We carry the channel tri-wall, baffle box, and sew-thru box stitch styles.. Baffles prevent cold spots and allow premium downs to loft up to their full potential. Less filling is required in a sew- thru stitch, making these comforters better for summer.

4. The temperature of your bedroom will determine the best comforter for you. Our Snowgoose comforters are mostly 4 season comforters, good for bedrooms between 50°F and 70 °F, and recommended . Our other comforters are either just for summer or 2 season comforters for bedrooms over 70 °F, or 3 season comforters for bedrooms 65 °F-70°F. Eiderdown would have a comfort range of 40 °F – 75 °F. Check the bedroom temperature and seasons covered at the top of the comforter prices.

For expert answers to your questions please email Lisa Stevens or
call 800-USA-DOWN or 212 840 2550

Choosing the Right Down Pillow

Your pillow is very personal, it has to match how you sleep. It needs to cradle your neck and keep your body in alignment. Choosing a pillow with high lofting down ensures better support. Our Signature line of Snowgoose pillows offer a wide selection of high lofting downs. Always protect your pillows with pillow protectors and clean your pillows every 3- 5 years. We recommend the following pillow densities:

A Soft Pillow is for a stomach sleeper.

A Medium Pillow is for a back sleeper, or a side sleeper with smaller shoulders.

A Firm Pillow is for a side sleeper.

Choosing the Right Mattress Topper

Whether you are looking to protect your mattress or add a little luxury to your mattress or alot of luxury, there are many options to improve your mattress or just give you an amazing sleep experience. To protect your mattress we recommend a mattress pad which is available in down or all cotton. This is a very thin covering strictly used for protection of the mattress.

If adding a touch of luxury to your mattress we recommend a down topper, a sew thru box stitch. The average weight in a queen size would be about 40 ozs giving a thickness of about 1.5″. An overstuffed version would be about 4 lbs in a queen size giving a 2″ thickness.
For a really luxurious sleep experience with added support choose a BodyCloud 50/50 white goose down/feather featherbed. A gusseted style requires more filling delivering more cushioning support, yet still enough softness to sink into.

For the ultimate in luxury (and definitely the answer to a too firm mattress) a BodyCloud all down bed topper is the way to go. This would be the puffiest topper and the softest, an exquisite sleep experience. Always protect your topper, featherbed or down bed with a protective cover, fluff up regularly and turn over each time you wash your bedding.

If you have any questions call 212 840 2550 and ask for Lisa



  1. Choosing the right pillow is not only good for a sound sleep but they are also quite essential for maintaining our health. This article really gives an insight into how one should choose pillows and other stuff like mattress and mattress toppers. Really helpful! Thanks!

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