Posted by: The Down Store | March 17, 2014

2 Ways To Enjoy Your Down Bed or Featherbed.

You searched for more luxury in bed and now you are the proud owner of a  down bed or featherbed.  You can’t wait to get it home and spend your first night sinking into the sublime softness of a down bed or the slightly firmer 50/50 down/feather featherbed.  You put it into its cover to protect it, and slip it under the fitted sheet.  Ahhh!  Pure heaven.  But wait, there is  another way to get more ahhhh out of this experience.  Take your down bed or featherbed (in its cover of course),  and place it on top of your fitted sheet.  Now take another fitted sheet and wrap it  over your down bed or featherbed.  It may not look perfectly tidy (but you are the only one to see that), but the down bed is now less fettered and is puffier and feels so much better.  In addition,  fluffing it up (remember down loves air) is so much easier.

So if you have owned a down bed or featherbed for some time, using it under your fitted sheet, give this other method a try.  We promise you will feel the difference.


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