Posted by: The Down Store | May 22, 2013

A Down Bed or Featherbed, The Answer To a Too Firm Mattress.

downbedmedWhen you buy a new mattress it feels great in the store, but after you get it home, a few nights later, you find it is really too firm and uncomfortable.  A down bed can really alleviate the discomfort without diminishing any support. For the ultimate in luxury, choose an all down bed with a high lofting white goose down filling stitched in a baffle box design with at least a 4″ gusset.  This will provide a soft cushioning and make your mattress more friendly.  For a firmer mattress topper choose a featherbed blend of 50/50 down and feather with a 4″ gusset.   The down bed will be softer and puffier, the featherbed will still be cushioning but a little firmer.  The down bed or featherbed can be used year round as the down will wick away moisture keeping you comfortable.  If you are not ready to buy a new mattress a down bed or featherbed can improve the one you have delivering a better sleep experience. You can get the down bed or featherbed in many thicknesses from 2.5″, the most common being 4″.  The higher the depth, the more cushiony and luxurious it will be.  We recommend the use of a featherbed cover, especially the gusseted covers with zippers on 3 sides,  to prevent unnecessary cleaning. With proper care (cleaning and recovering every 7 – 10 years), you will enjoy a down bed or featherbed for many years.



  1. I love the blog. Great post., people must learn how to learn before they can learn . lol i know it sounds funny but its very true.

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