Posted by: The Down Store | April 18, 2013

Eiderdown The Connoisseur’s Choice, When Only The Best Will Do.

This equisite, rare  down is in a class by itself.  It is gossamer light (even lighter than the very best high lofting goose down), it has unique thermal properties that keep you warm out in the high arctic, or more relevant, in a bedroom without heat. The unique structure of the down cluster allows extra heat and moisture to escape better than any goose down, keeping the sleeper comfortable. Why is it so rare? Goose down is a bi- product from the meat industry so there are tons available in the world each year.  The Eider duck is wild  and  lives out on the ocean off Iceland, Canada, Norway, Russia,  coming into land to nest. The down from the under belly lines the nest and when the Eider duck and babies return to the ocean, the Eiderdown is hand gathered, washed, machine sorted and then hand picked for any tiny feather.  This is a labor intensive method of ensuring only down remains. It takes about 60 nests of down to make a queen size comforter!  It is in short supply due to basic demand. If what you want is the softest, warmest, lightest cover at  night, Eiderdown is incomparable.  Keep in mind you will have it for life with proper care, which involves cleaning every 5 years and renovating every 10.  This ensures you will keep your precious heirloom Eiderdown beautiful and luxurious for life. Eiderdown is not inexpensive being so rare and with the high demand, but if you can afford it, you will prize this heirloom comforter, pillow or mattress topper.


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