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Staying Warm During A Polar Vortex Winter

This winter is surely one for the books, or is it the new normal? By now we all know what a Polar Vortex is, precipitated by a warm flow from Morocco! Clearly not enough warm flow to override the cold arctic mass. So how do we stay warm?

Obviously around your home more layers are needed. Here we would like to address staying warm in bed, as our temperature goes down when we are sleeping and there is nothing worse than being cold in bed when we are tired and so in need of a good night’s sleep.

By now most people are aware that down is nature’s best insulator. However all down is not created equal. The best (and rarest) of all downs is Eiderdown. Given the Eider duck lives in places like Iceland, Norway, Northern Canada, you can see its down would need very powerful thermal properties. The Eider duck lines the nest and once the young have fledged the down is harvested from the nest that is no longer needed. This down is incredibly light and soft, so a much smaller amount than goose down is needed for total warmth. Eiderdown is not for everyone given the price, but for those who want only the best, lightest and warmest, it is incomparable.

For most of us a high quality white goose down will keep us cozy and comfortable. Our goose down is sustainably sourced and adheres to the RDS standard. It is important to know if you do not want to keep buying a down comforter, buy high quality and you will have it for many years. Choose a high thread count down proof ticking 350 and up. Choose high lofting down 700 fill power and up for maximum warmth. Always protect your investment with a lightweight decorative duvet cover like our Italian luxury solids.

No matter whether you choose Eiderdown or goose down, proper care is important. Our expertise for 44 years with our Down Doctor Services ensures you will enjoy them for life.

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Luxury Down Comforter For This Arctic Winter

During this extreme weather, you might be wondering which is the best way to keep warm, especially in bed. There are so many choices and it can be confusing.

Whether it is going outside in the elements or being snug and cozy in bed at night, you want to know what is the very best insulator you can get and maybe know it is coming from an ethical source.

You probably grew up with wool blankets or a polyester comforter, possibly even a silk blanket or cotton blanket. There again you might have been one of the fortunate who grew up with a down comforter or if you are of a certain age, an “Eiderdown”, known in the UK to be a comforter which over the years could have been filled with feathers, horsehair and maybe a blend of feathers and down. Given it was so thick and only sat on top of the bed  (in equal parts for decoration and warmth), it was likely not all down.

Down is simply nature’s best insulator. Down is not the same as feathers. Feathers are for flying, they have a bony quill down the center. Down is the fluffy part needed for insulation usually on the breast of the bird. Down is many more times the price of feathers. Its quality is measured by the size of the down cluster (fill power) and the number of whole down clusters per ounce. (To be called all down 10% of “fly”,  pieces of a down cluster, or the tiniest of feathers is allowed.  These extremely tiny feathers cannot be separated out during the cleaning process as they are too small).

Nothing compares to down, not wool or polyester and definitely not cotton, (this would be more for just summer). However all down is not created equal.  The most prized and rare down is Eiderdown. It has very powerful thermal properties and is super light and soft. It is gathered from the birds’ nest after it is no longer needed.  Eiderdown ducks live in Iceland, Norway and parts of northern Canada.

Goose or duck down is more abundant in the world coming from countries as a by product as geese and ducks are part of the cultural diet. Goose down is usually loftier than duck down and comes mainly from Europe. Due to colder climates and coming from more mature birds the down clusters are large (anything 650 to 850 fill power is considered luxury quality), and therefore traps more body heat to keep you warm.  Duck down comes predominantly from China, from younger birds with much smaller down clusters. The fill power is commonly 550.

If you are concerned about where your down is from and if is it ethically sourced, there is a new standard that you can read about at

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Our expertise of 44 years in luxury down bedding and the services of cleaning/restoration ensures your precious downs will last for decades. We use the finest European materials and proudly manufacture in the USA to RDS specifications (Responsible Down Standard). For any questions please visit our site or call 800 USA DOWN. My direct number is 212 840 2550 Lisa Stevens

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Recycling Your Downs, Such A Good Idea.

There is so much waste in the world. Food, fashion, electronics and yes down bedding. It always feels good to recycle and we already do it with our garbage. Separating our paper, plastic and glass. So why not recycle your down comforters, pillows and toppers instead of buying new, that often are not the quality of our renovations. For many a renovation will mean a substantial upgrade since the fabric will have a much higher thread count and as additional down is usually added the down items are usually better than when they were new.

We have specialized in the care of down bedding for 44 years. Our expertise guarantees you will enjoy your precious downs for many, many years. Our European all natural method of cleaning will protect your downs (unlike washing and dry-cleaning which will rob the down of its natural oils), and our high thread count, leak proof tickings will keep your precious down from leaking out.

We offer 4 styles for comforters, baffle box, sew thru box stitch, baffle channel and European pillow style. In down toppers we offer the very efficient baffle channel with 4″, 6″ (or more) baffles. We also offer a lighter topper in a sew thru box stitch. For those special size beds or campers we offer custom sizing.

To order our Down Doctor Services call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550

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Does It Pay To Renovate Down Bedding.

Spring is almost here  (I know it does not feel like it right now),  and time to start planning your spring cleaning. Your down bedding may not come to mind, but it is very important to give it proper care if you want it to remain beautiful and more importantly work efficiently.

Is it  really worth it to renovate your favorite down comforter, pillow, featherbed or down topper. There are a few things to consider, most importantly what your initial investment is, and if there is any sentimental value attached (handed down from your grandmother).

Renovation is definitely worth it if you have a high quality down product, which means high thread count down proof ticking and high lofting down. With proper care they will remain beautiful and keep you toasty warm in winter. That means cleaning comforters every 5 years, renovating after 10 years. For down pillows renovate every 3 or 4 years (even with protectors natural hair oil stains the down proof ticking). Featherbeds and toppers should be renovated every 7 – 10 years. Renovation is also an opportunity to upgrade to a larger size (or even change to a smaller size), get a more down proof (leak proof) casing or add new filling to boost up the old filling and bring the down back to its former glory.

Down bedding  from Europe is usually a very high quality in both the ticking and the filling. Even if you purchased down bedding in the USA 20 or more years ago, it is likely a much higher quality than much of what is in the market today.

If you have purchased a down product at a very low price for example same price all sizes, it does not pay to renovate. Better to buy new and this time upgrade so you do not have to keep replacing. It feels good to recycle.

Using the proper protectors goes a long way to eliminating unnecessary cleaning and renovation. Always choose a professional for cleaning and renovation to protect your precious downs.

In between the professional care you can air out down comforters on a clothes line on a dry warm day or put in a low heat dryer for 20 mins. For pillows put these in the low heat dryer occasionally to re-fluff. Featherbeds and down toppers can be hung over a chair near an open window unless you are able to get them outside on a table. It just refreshes and re-fluffs them beautifully.


Our expertise in the care of down bedding for over 40 years guarantees many years of continued beauty and luxurious comfort. Proper care ensures you will protect your favorite downs. Put your precious downs in our expert hands. To order our Down Doctor Services call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550 or visit


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Spring Renewal For The Bedroom

There are so many reasons to welcome spring. There are the bright
colors of emerging crocuses, daffodils and tulips. There is more
sunshine to turn the grass green and finally saying goodbye to the cold,
the grey skies and snow. It is a great feeling to throw open the windows
and do some spring cleaning. So why not start with the bedroom. If
your favorite down comforter, down pillows and featherbed are in need
of cleaning or renovation, now is a good time as you can do without
them for a while since winter is over. Proper care will ensure your
precious downs will give you many years of luxury and comfort. If your
downs are only a couple of years old do air them out. If you have a
clothes line that is good for the comforters and pillows. You may need
a patio table or a few chairs for the featherbed or down bed. Do this on
a dry sunny warm day. You will be using nature’s way to refresh the
downs. If you do not have access to an outdoor line I would suggest
hanging the featherbed or down bed over chairs near an open window.
For the comforter and pillows I would put in a dryer set on low for
15 minutes.

Now it is time to brighten up your bedroom with a whole new look
with a new duvet cover and sheet set. The beauty of the down
comforter and the duvet cover is you can change the look of your
bedroom to suit your mood or the season.

Did you know a few changes in the decor of the bedroom
can promote better sleep? Read this interesting article.

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Luxury Down Comforter, Down Pillows, Featherbed, Down Topper.

It’s that time of year when we have a list of people to buy holiday gifts for, one or two of them being very special people. Why not give the unexpected?matureladysurprise25

The ultimate gift that will be remembered every night, a lifetime of luxurious comfort and better sleep. Some people are especially difficult to buy for, or they just have everything. These people likely do not have a wonderful heirloom quality down comforter, down pillows, featherbed or down topper. Now that would definitely put a smile of unexpected joy on their faces.

Many gifts are too often forgotten, but something you use and enjoy every night is certainly the gift they will remember. Whether it is a personal pillow, a cozy goose down comforter, or the ultimate mattress topper for someone really special (or maybe yourself), maybe we have given you some unique ideas.

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The Quest for A Good Night’s Sleep.

A good night’s sleep is both rejuvenating and essential to get the most out of your day. It is also essential in maintaining good health both physical and mental. We have gathered some very interesting and helpful articles on the subject of better sleep, and continue to look for answers to help all you sleep deprived people. You can read some of these great articles here.

Essentially we feel starting with watching how much exercise, caffeine and alcohol you take before bedtime, keeping the thermostat down, windows open and using lightweight all natural bedding like our Signature Line Snowgoose Down Comforters, the perfect pillow for how you sleep and if you suffer from pressure points a BodyCloud down topper. You might not want to get out of bed.

Keep checking back for more helpful tips on getting better sleep.Sleep Better. Live Better.Blonde lady sleeping hugging a Snowgoose down pillowblondeasleephugpillow375

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The Importance Of A Good Night’s Sleep.

Rejuvenating, restorative sleep is so important to get the optimum out of each day.  Sleep better, live better is so true. Yet a good night’s sleep eludes so many of us and for a myriad of reasons.  Sleep patterns also change as we age. Start with your environment (room temperature, addressing any allergy issues), then go on to the mattress and your bedding, and lastly behavior prior to bedtime (exercising, working etc).

We have researched many articles and put them all together on our website. There has been so much research into this important subject and some of it is quite surprising. Maybe there is a solution for your sleep deprivation ine one of these articles.

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A Guide To Buying Down Bedding

Confused About Choosing The Right Down Comforter?
There are 4 important things to remember:

1. All down is not created equal. Down from mature geese that live in cold climates produce large down clusters that trap more body heat keeping you toasty warm as well as lofting up to produce a comforter that is puffy without weight. Fill-power is the measurement of a down cluster’s ability to loft up after compression. The higher the number, the more body heat is trapped. 650 fill-power and up is considered luxury quality. There is also cluster count to consider. This is the percentage of whole down clusters as opposed to pieces of broken down known as “fly”. We use only the highest lofting, top quality goose down like Canadian White Goose Down, ( considered to be the finest in the world), in 800 + fill power. We also carry superior European white goose downs 650 to 800+ fill power, plus we offer the very rare Eiderdown, the ultimate in warmth without weight and the best down in the world.

2. Down will eventually “leak” out of anything other than a cotton cambric downproof fabric. What makes the long staple Egyptian cotton fabric downproof is not just a high threadcount and special weave, but callendering. This is a natural process of compressing the fabric between giant steel rollers to fill in spaces invisible to the eye. The best cambric cotton downproof fabric comes from Germany or Switzerland. Many of the cambrics are made with a sateen finish. They are very soft,durable and breathable. Threadcounts over 300 are best and will remain downproof for 10-15 years. We carry downproof tickings in threadcounts 270 to 400. For Eiderdown the best ticking is Swiss Batiste the lightest of all downproof cambric cottons with the highest threadcount 400 threads, sateen finish and a silky soft touch, woven specifically for Eiderdown the softest down in the world. Many of our customers choose this exquisite downproof ticking for their white goose down comforters in our EiderClass Snowgoose 6.5

3. Comforters come in open stitch (Karo-Step and Ring Stitch, though these are mostly found in Europe as they are not popular in North America), where the filling can move, closed stitch (sew-thru box stitch, fixing the filling into one small box) , modified baffle box (the filling will move over time) and the Baffle Channel Tri-Wall construction, a channel stitch with a triangular baffle wall to minimize shifting, but allow for individual comfort by adjusting the filling up or down. We call this the “couple friendly” comforter. It is also especially appreciated in the warmer climates, or just in summertime or if one person is a very warm sleeper. We carry the channel tri-wall, baffle box, and sew-thru box stitch styles.. Baffles prevent cold spots and allow premium downs to loft up to their full potential. Less filling is required in a sew- thru stitch, making these comforters better for summer.

4. The temperature of your bedroom will determine the best comforter for you. Our Snowgoose comforters are mostly 4 season comforters, good for bedrooms between 50°F and 70 °F, and recommended . Our other comforters are either just for summer or 2 season comforters for bedrooms over 70 °F, or 3 season comforters for bedrooms 65 °F-70°F. Eiderdown would have a comfort range of 40 °F – 75 °F. Check the bedroom temperature and seasons covered at the top of the comforter prices.

For expert answers to your questions please email Lisa Stevens or
call 800-USA-DOWN or 212 840 2550

Choosing the Right Down Pillow

Your pillow is very personal, it has to match how you sleep. It needs to cradle your neck and keep your body in alignment. Choosing a pillow with high lofting down ensures better support. Our Signature line of Snowgoose pillows offer a wide selection of high lofting downs. Always protect your pillows with pillow protectors and clean your pillows every 3- 5 years. We recommend the following pillow densities:

A Soft Pillow is for a stomach sleeper.

A Medium Pillow is for a back sleeper, or a side sleeper with smaller shoulders.

A Firm Pillow is for a side sleeper.

Choosing the Right Mattress Topper

Whether you are looking to protect your mattress or add a little luxury to your mattress or alot of luxury, there are many options to improve your mattress or just give you an amazing sleep experience. To protect your mattress we recommend a mattress pad which is available in down or all cotton. This is a very thin covering strictly used for protection of the mattress.

If adding a touch of luxury to your mattress we recommend a down topper, a sew thru box stitch. The average weight in a queen size would be about 40 ozs giving a thickness of about 1.5″. An overstuffed version would be about 4 lbs in a queen size giving a 2″ thickness.
For a really luxurious sleep experience with added support choose a BodyCloud 50/50 white goose down/feather featherbed. A gusseted style requires more filling delivering more cushioning support, yet still enough softness to sink into.

For the ultimate in luxury (and definitely the answer to a too firm mattress) a BodyCloud all down bed topper is the way to go. This would be the puffiest topper and the softest, an exquisite sleep experience. Always protect your topper, featherbed or down bed with a protective cover, fluff up regularly and turn over each time you wash your bedding.

If you have any questions call 212 840 2550 and ask for Lisa

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BodyCloud Down Bed Topper

BodyCloud Down Bed Topper

4″ Baffle Box All Down Mattress Topper

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